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Scene 1: The Picnic

Hey people, I give you, the first edition to the POTF fiction by me!

Scene Name: Scene 1: The Picnic
Word Count: 494 words.
Rating: G


Phil and Keely are in the yard, Curtis is at the grill cooking burgers and arguing with Pim.Barb and Lloyd are in the garage fixing up the time machine.Phil and Keely are cornered off into the bushes next to the steps.

Phil and Keely in the Bushes.


Keely: What?!

Phil: don't be mad

Keely: what would I be mad about, you only are going back to the future.

Phil: Keely! I told you, I have to, plus I will visit.

Keely: But who am I going to hang with at school! who's going to help me plan my sweet sixteen! save the whales!

Phil: Keel, don't you have other friends for that?

Keely: Its not the same! Phil, don't you realize! You have been my life for 2 years now!

Phil: I know but we can still be friends!

Keely:How? your 6 billion years away!

Phil: a little less then that! but still Keely I cant believe you are acting this way! especially since we aren't leaving until the day after new years! that's 6 weeks away!
Keely: So, your going to be here for Christmas? (Smiling)

Phil: yup.

Keely: what do you want for christmas?

Phil: I want uhhhh....---(interruption)

Barb: Kids! burgers are ready!

Keely: Oh Yum! Burgers!

Phil: yeah!

Phil and Keely run out of the bushes and sit around the picnic table. Curtis comes over with a plate of practically black burgers.

Curtis: Pim argue so long, she cause Curtis to loose track of burger burning.

Pim: oh put a sock in it cave trash.

Curtis slammed down the burger tray on the table and went inside. Everyone grabs a burger and puts it on their plate. Everyone looks at them in disgust.

Keely: You got a newager? set these back a couple minutes?

Barb: Oh, yes! I keep one in my pocket!

Barb starts pulling out huge contents out of her pocket.

Lloyd: yes, so do I but I will get mine out before they are cold.

Lloyd gets the newager out and sets all the burgers on the plate , he sets the newager back about 2 minutes and the burgers are a perfect brown with a little black crust scattered in places

Keely: yum. (she reaches for a burger)

Phil: double yum! (he says trying to be funny)

Keely: gum? I though we were having burgers?

Phil: uh, just forget it, he says smiling.

The Phil of the Future theme song comes on.


Notes: Sorry that the beginning is so short, but you know that the beginning of a Phil episode is usually short because the theme song has to come on. They will probably be longer after we get more into the story and stuff, but yeah. Lol, comments are appreciated!

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Its awesome!!! keep goin :)
Lol thanks!