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Scene 8

Scene Name: Scene 8: Giggle Repair Center
Word Count: N/A
Rating: G

Keely woke up, still falling. She vaguely remembered having to follow what Phil did, and when she did, she fell into a rainbow and passed out. Finally, Keely finally landed in a place that they were before...the giggle center. Phil stood infront of her, toying around with a blue straw and holding a giggle helmet.

"have a nice trip?" asked Phil

"yeah, fine" answered Keely, "So what are we doing here"?

Phil directed her behind a green curtain nearby and whispered to her,

"Well, right now, remember how Mr. Giggle said that we would be traveling through the past in order to find the problem with the giggle? Well, I dont know how to work this really sophistacated time machine he gave us, so what I was just doing was teaching me how to use it. We are ready to go now, I'll be right back as I am going to tell Mr. Giggle that we are on our way."

Phil dissapeared a reappeared within 6 seconds and motioned for Keely to follow him out the giggle factory.

When they got to the timeport, he told Keely what to do.

"Take out the wizard he gave you, and press the green button on the left. Then the screen with a timeline on it will pop up, and you say 2100 REALLLY clearly or else it might take you to some weird time. Thats where it says we should start first on the list Mr. Giggle gave me. After that, you will either get a red X sccreen or a green circle screen. If you get a red X screen, say it again, and if you get a green circle screen, just wait and your ready to go."

Keely knodded aloud but in her head she wondered if she could follow that. She pressed the freen button and saw the timeline popup. She loudly and bravely said "2100" into the wiz'rd. A green circle popped up on the screen and the floor dropped under her feet.

Not again. Keely thought to herself as she fell under the grounds of 2121 Pickford. Her head whirled and he hair fell around her waist. Keely felt stronger, and braver and when she looked around her, she saw her clothes had changed to the style of the year 2100. She looked over to her left and saw Phil transforming also. They landed on the sidewalks of 2100 and stared at the strangness in front of them.

Again, sorry about not updating, lol.
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