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Scene 7

Scene Name: Scene 6: 2121
Word Count: N/A
Rating: G

Phil turned and started walking towards a lime green building. Keely followed as Phil led her up to a large granite building. Phil pulled a key out of his pocket and opened the door

Keely: Where are we?

Phil: My house.

Keely: This is your...HOUSE!

Phil : Yup.

Keely looked up at the huge granite building, she saw about 6 of them nearby, this is what future houses are like? She thought to herself. Interesting. Phil opened the door and let her into a similar place like the timeport. The floors were a deep blue and the walls were a metalic red. Phil led Keely up a rubber matierialed floor up the stairs and into a shiny blue room. Most likely Phil's. Phil turned the corner and took out a leather box from behind a green metalic table. He opened it, and handed Keely a yellow armband covered with 6 little diamonds and a black mica circle.

Phil: This is your tracking circle, this is how if you get lost, I can always find you and get to you in the click of a button. Its proof, so no matter what happens to it, it cannot break or rip or tear.

Keely: Can you change the color?

Phil: Hit the black button.

Keely pressed the button 6 times and finnaly decided on a choice of a rosy pink. Phil leaned over.

Phil: Follow me, you are going to have to remeber what I do for a second time, because I cant come back.

Keely: Ok ; She said unsurely.

Phil pulled out a small brown chip. He threw it to Keely and took one out for himself. He motioned for her to watch. Phil held up the chip infront of him and loudly and clearly said 'giggle' into it. A black smoke poofed up from the chip and Phil disapeared into a cloud of black dust. Keely help out her chip infront of her and whispered 'giggle' Keely felt her body jolt up. She was in a swirling whirlwind of colors. She began to feel nausea after 10 minutes had past. Her body could take it no longer, she toppled into the whirlwind and blacked out.

I HAVENT UPDATED IN FOREVER! I AM SO SORRY! I AM GOING TO GET this story back on its feet again!
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