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Scene 6

Scene Name: Scene 6: On the Mission
Word Count: 841 Words
Rating: G

Phil and Keely looked into the room with scared faces. A heavy mans voice came through the black darkness of the room. The mans voice was heavy and deep.

Voice: Come in...Please.

The lights turned on. Phil and Keely saw the back of a huge leather chair in which the man was probably sitting. Phil and Keely walk forward and sat in the two seats in front of the desk. They stared in awe at the giant room they were sitting in. The walls were a pale shade of blue, yet they stood out nicely. The room had hard cherry wood floors that were shiny and smooth. A jar of Candy stood at the end of the desk made of dark wood. The large leather chair turned around and had Phil and Keely starring into the face of Mr. Giggle himself. The man was around 30 years old and very muscular. His hair was a smooth chestnut color and his face was pale and white from never leaving the office. His face had a friendly glow.

Mr. Giggle: Hello. Can I help you?

It was when he spoke that Keely and Phil realized he had a heavy english accent.

Phil: Yeah, you know how the Giggle was designed to never virus or have any problems?

Mr. Giggle: Ah, yes. That's what makes the giggle so brilliant.

Phil: Ok. Well why don't you take a look at my Giggle.

Mr. Giggle: Ok. I suppose if there's a problem, of all people I will be able to fix it.

Phil handed Mr. Giggle the Giggle. Keely watched as the man strapped on the helmet, took the orange triangle of a giggle and stuffed it into the monitor. He slid down the screen and commanded the Giggle on. The Giggle flashed and turned black.

Mr. Giggle: That's IMPOSSIBLE!

Phil: I know, what's going on?

Mr. Giggle: I had best----

Mr. Giggle was interrupted by Man1 coming into the room.

Man1: Sir, everyone has shown up in town, the Giggles aren't working at all. How is that possible?

Mr. Giggle: So I see...Go please and send the people home, instruct them not to use their GIggle until the word has been sent. Me and this young couple have some things to take care of.

Phil and Keely looked at each other as Mr. Giggle said that and silently laughed. Man1 closed the door.

Mr. Giggle: You guys are on the mission, take a time machine and you must figure out what is going on with the Giggles. I cannot do it because I am not to leave, I will give you everything you need. You will take a time machine to many centuries and live them. Mr. Diffy, you have proved to me that you and you accomplice are smart enough handle this mission.

Keely: but---

She was cut off as Phil silently said to her that he would explain later.

Phil: We'd be delighted.

Mr. Giggle: Great. Stay right there, I will return in a second.

Phil: Keely, you don't turn down ANYTHING this guy says, it will be fun.

Keely: Phil, will we die?

Phil: can't even get hurt from time travel.

Keely: What if we get stuck like you did?

Phil: He's going to give us a time machine, a top of the line one, and believe me, two year olds time travel better then my dad. Besides, you will get to go to a mall in every era we stop at.

Keely: ok!

Mr. Giggle returned with a Wiz'rd and handed a new 346 to each of them. He took out his own and zapped them. Phil and Keely were dressed to go on a mission to the past. Inside each of their Wiz'rds, was everything that they would need to succeed in this mission, including their time machine, were compacted into the small wizard.

Mr. Giggle: you will have to change your outfit for every era to blend in, but since for the first trip you will be staying in this era, you will continue to wear what you are wearing now. You can keep in touch with me through the Wiz'rds and I will always be here if you need help of service, I will also page you periodically. Your mission, something out there is getting involved with the Giggles satellite field, you need to find it...or them and get them back to me. All the eras where you are to search thoroughly are on you notepad in the Wiz'rds. Good Luck

Phil and Keely nodded with determination. Mr. Giggle shut the door and left Keely to go.

Keely: This sounds fun!

Phil: it will be, especially if we catch the thing or the person.

Keely: So, for our first era, we are supposed to do 2121.

Phil: Good thing I know all about it!

Keely: I am glad of that...for sure.

Phil lead Keely out of the building, they stood on the sidewalks as Phil decided where to go first.
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