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Scene 3

Scene Name: Scene 3: Broken Giggles, Broken Time
Word Count: 593
Rating: G

Mr. Messserschmitt: You will have a test tommorow on the importance of jupiter.

Keely: Ugh, What is his right to give us these tests, (she said as she leaned over to Phil)

Phil: Keel, hes a teacher.

Keely: Right, but a test on the importance of jupitor? Phil. I dont know what centrury your from, but in 2005, we havent even gotton to mars.

Phil: Really? In the future there are 16 planets, I cant believe you guys only have 9.

Mr. Messerschmitt: (noticing the whispering) It is highly recommended that you study.

Keely raised her hand sheepishly.

Keely: uhm...what are we supposed to study with?

Mr Messerschmitt smiled a winky smile

Mr. Messerschmitt: That is...up to you entirely.

Keely:(to herself, but aloud) that helps.


Phil: Keely, you have been on the internet for two hours, havent you found anything?

Keely: Not a thing.

Phil: This is soo not fair. (his face suddenly lights up) WAIT! I GOT IT!

Keely: What?!

Phil doesnt answer but leans over to set up the giggles sophisticated monitor. Keely catches on instantly and smiles.


Phil: I know. ( he says with a smile)

Phil opened up the box containing the triangular orange giggle, he inserted it into the corecct spot in his helmet. Keely watched intentively and leaned in after Phil muttered for the giggle to turn on and the lighted screen flashed violently.

Phil: search answers to Messerschmitts test on Jupitors importance.

The giggle clicked and went immediatly into search mode, Phil waited about 3 seconds.

Phil: I dont get it, it should have found something by now!

Keely: Phil, it has barely started.

Phil: ugh, you are so 21 century, this thing should find something within half a second, not the nonsense of 5 seconds.

The Giggles screen suddenly clicked off and the monitor turned black.

Keely: What happened

Keely suddenly stopped and watched Phils face. She could not believe the concern, I mean, it shut down, computers do that sometimes, I wonder what is so bad about this. Her thoughts were shattered as Phil took off the helmet and raced to the garage. Keely followed, not knowing what was going on.

Notes: This is where it begins, hope you all like it so far even though its not that popular =(
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