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Scene Name: Scene 2: The Classroom.
Word Count: 646 words
Rating: G (Pheely-ness)

Phil and Keely are in the school hallway by there lockers, they are waiting in the hall under a boy placing an H.G. Wells science fair banner. Across the hall., Via and Owen have their history books open and are in a frantic panic to write information down.

Keely: Whoa. What is Via doing?

Phil: and Owen...?

Keely: dunno

Phil: dont care

Keely: haha right.

Phil: did you do your history homework last night?

Keely: (frantically) no!

Phil: neither did I.

Keely: For some reason, I dont remeber there being history homework...phil.

Phil: right. whoo I am loosing it, so what IS Via and Owen doing with their history stuff?

Keely: again. Dont care.

Keely: Phil, I think you should be a better observer, take a look at what Is OVER Via history book that she is actually reading.

Phil: her math book?

Keely: No! hold on....

Keely rummaged through her locker until she found her cell phone. She positioned it into zzoom mode and took a picture. Phil looked at the photo in which Keely had just taken and looked back at Via.

Phil: a magazine?

Keely: NO!...well it is a magazine but look at the title.

Phil: Keely I dont know why you want to show me some stupid magazine, what the title be like Cosmopoliton or somet----2121 Today!!!

Keely: yep. Must be a future magazine/

Phil: it is...but whats VIa doing with it?

Keely: If I knew, would I have taken an hour to show it to you?

Phil: ugh, Keely thats not the point! is Via from the future!

Phil: Keely go talk to her!!
Keely runs to the other side of the hall, she accidentally runs into Owen who is plaing his mathbook on the top shelf of his locker.Keely ignores him and goes to Via

Keely: Hey Vi!

Via: hey...Keely.

Keely: so...whatcha reading?

Via: Oh, its a magazine called 2121 Today, its a magazine about what they think the world will be like in the year 2121...oh, do you want to see, its soo interesting!
Keely: yes! I would like to look!

Keely takes the magazine as soon as Via hands it to her. She runs across the hall to Phil whos face is eagerly awaiting the magazine. Phil takes the magazine and immediatly starts skimming through articles and pictures.

Phil: whew!
Keely: Whew what?

Phil: this magazine is totally wrong. Nothing in the future is like this !

Keely: oh, well thats a relief!

Phil: lets get to math.

Phil and Keely walk to math where they are surprisingly greeted by Mr. Messerschmitt.

Mr Messerscimtt: Why hello there young Phil and Keely. I belive we have our good old geometry project ready for today hehe.

Keely: uh...yep all ready to go wellseeyabye! (keely said grabbing Phil and yanking him out of the doorway and into the classroom.

Mr. Messerschmitt: something tells me by the frantic tone of young Keelys voice, she has forgotten the concept in which is due today.

In the Classroom

Keely: Phil, do you have yours done?

Phil; you?

Keely: ye--no.

Phil: no worries, Ill wizard you a project, A,A-,B+,B,B- what do you want?

Keely: well I dont want to be a teachers pet, A-!

Phil looks around the classroom and sees a few select kids that were engaged in a book and messerschmitts back.Then takes out the wizard and zaps a plain sheet of white computer paper until the paper is neatly typed into three pages of geometric work.

Keely: Thanks Phil! she said as she hugged him.

Phil: No problem he says smiling behind her back

mid-hug, he runs his hand down the back of her shirt and the hug is broken. Keely sat in her seat and smiled back as Messerschmitt entered the room.



Notes: K guys, again its still a LITTLE short but whatever, this seems like a pretty boring chapter right now..but it gets better!
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